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For inquiries or if you don't find any answers to your queries below, feel free to contact us using any of the blow channels:

Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @fitflickapp 

What is FitFlick?

FitFlick is more than an app, it’s a lifestyle. Our goal is to create an environment in which finding fellow sports and fitness enthusiasts and professionals is more of a second nature, rather than a daily hassle. FitFlick provides you the fastest way to network every day while avoiding the awkwardness of sending or rejecting requests to connect. Simply hit connect if you’d like to connect (flick icon), and no if you don’t (X icon). Once you get a connection, you can chat and set up a meeting in person or through whichever means of communication you want. Simple. 

Who uses FitFlick? 

FitFlick is designed for sports, health and fitness enthusiasts and professionals. We have an extensive list of interests for you to choose from and start finding mutual connections based on those interests. 

Why should I use FitFlick? 

As an enthusiast, use FitFlick to find people interested in the same sports and fitness activities as you. Grow your network in whatever sport or fitness activity you love. Post daily to update your connections on your activities. Build communities if you think you have enough interest or a niche in your local area. And finally, opt in to pro packages or live sessions being offered by professionals on the app. 

As a professional on the app, use FitFlick to help manage and scale your business. Create your profile and upgrade to Pro to monetize your skills and qualifications. Do this by uploading pro video packages or organising live sessions. 

How Does FitFlick Work?

FitFlick uses an algorithm to best connect profiles that are alike. Daily batch suggestions are based on location and interests, to bring you people nearby who may share common interests with you. On FitFlick, you can write to other people when interest is mutual, that is, when you both privately decide to swipe right on each other's profile. You can be notified of a connection via email and push notifications, or in real time when you swipe. 

What are pro packages? 

Pro packages are professionally made and edited videos uploaded and sold by professional accounts on the app. These accounts are qualified personal trainers, coaches and experts in their field. These packages are available on demand as and when someone needs them. Purchase using FitFlick coins. 

What are live sessions?

As the name suggests, live sessions are workouts or coaching sessions delivered in real time and live through the app. Purchase using FitFlick coins. 

What are FitFlick Coins?

FitFlick coins allow you to purchase in-app content such as pro packages and live sessions. 

How Do I Get FitFlick Coins?

Purchase various coin amounts from within the app. 

How Do I Join FitFlick?

Simply download the app from the iOS store and sign up using your email.

What are FitFlick Communities? 

These are communities created by users within the app. These can be enthusiasts or professional users. Communities are designed to bring groups together based on some mutual interests. Use these groups to keep everyone updated, organise events or share content. 

Why am I getting connections with people with no mutual interests?

At FitFlick we do our best to help you connect with like-minded people, however we also share a strong belief in serendipity and creating chance encounters. People often find opportunities in places they wouldn't even think to look in the first place; sometimes it's good to explore beyond your own industry and your interests, you never know what you'll discover!

What can I do to get better connections?

Create the perfect profile. Update all the cards in your profile from your interests to what motivates you. It's the foundation for letting other people know your goals and interests, as well as what you're looking for on FitFlick. First impressions are crucial, and other users are going to make a split second decision whether to connect based on your bio and photos. We recommend you make your profile as complete as possible by having a strong, solid bio, a clean photo of yourself, and a comprehensive list of your interests.

How do I remove someone from my connections?

Simply go to your connections, select the profile you would like to un connect with and select the options menu to the right of their name and select block. You can also contact our support team at [email protected] if you see any suspicious activity.

I only get less than 10 daily profiles in my daily batch, why?

As an expanding company, there are some areas where we might be new and just starting out. As a result, there probably might not be that many users near your location, which would explain the small amount of profiles showing up in your daily batch. If you feel something is off, simply drop us a line at [email protected] so we can look into the issue.

How do I enable or disable push notifications?

On iOS: To receive notification's simply go to your iPhone's Settings > Notifications > FitFlick > and turn notifications on, also make sure that the Show in Notification Center option is turned on.